All that glitters is not gold – and silver has special advantages for investors. It has been used as a means of payment since time immemorial. The Bible generally mentions silver even before gold. Unlike its ‘big brother’, however, it is often underestimated, which leads to undervaluation. In times of crisis, states quickly confiscate gold, but they keep their hands off silver granules. These represent an indispensable raw material in industry, especially for computers and mobile phones. This also means that you are easily able to sell the granules on the market, if you need to.

Silver granules in a duty-free warehouse in Switzerland

We help our customers to set up an account for silver or gold granules in order to be better prepared in a crisis.

Your benefits:

  • Minimum purity of 999.5.
  • The raw material suppliers are certified according to the “Good Delivery Standard.”
  • Guarantee of authenticity and purity by the supplier, Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH (Leipzig Precious Metal Processing Inc.).


  • VAT – neutral.  All purchases, sales and exchanges in the S-Deposito are free from Value Added Tax.  The place of residence of the S-Deposito owner is not relevant.
  • Income taxes – country-specific.  Swiss customers are not taxed on capital gains.  German customers are not taxed on capital gains, so long as the holding period is at least 12 months.  Customers from other countries must inquire about relevant tax regulations.
  • Property and wealth tax – country specific.  Swiss customers must report the account in their asset declaration. German customers are currently not subject to wealth tax.  Customers from other countries must inquire about relevant tax regulations. For US Citizens this product is not available.

For further informations please contact us below:

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