Thinking at the meta-level means taking a higher or superior perspective. We are no longer “inside the problem” talking about the problem, but from the eagle’s eye view we consider how the problem might be solved with innovation, creativity and efficiency.

According to Wikipedia, the word metanoia (from noein, “to think” and meta, “around” or “after”) means “rethinking, change of mind, reversal of thinking.” When a person’s sense changes, their attitudes, behavior and way of thinking about themselves and this world changes. Rethinking is a process and rarely an instantaneous event. It requires “re-thinking.” Haste, restlessness, busyness are killers for this process.

With silver and gold, you are always going to be ‘on the gold standard’. Precious metals have retained their value for thousands of years. Even Abraham was ‘very rich in silver and gold’, according to the Bible. By contrast, our currencies are losing purchasing power daily. We at representatives of BB WERTMETALL AG have only one aim in view: to help you build up a fortune with silver and gold. We are the only provider who enables you to invest in purest silver granules with our S-Deposito account, and so make provision for your future. Furthermore, we offer you beautiful medals and bars of silver and gold – timelessly stable values.

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