Under the sun?

Every religious faith has its own prescription for spiritual capital. However, the Christian faith offers a unique proposition that gives business a redemptive purpose beyond just the temporal. Hence, the Biblical model of business can best be described as a redemptive enterprise. King Solomon writing in the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible reminds us that work done under the sun’, that is, from a human perspective without God, is vanity and grasping of the wind’. It is a meaningless activity. However, when done from above the sun’, that is from Gods perspective, work or business finds meaning and purpose.

God’s redemptive plan

What is Gods telos(Greek for end goal) for business? Well-known theologian and author J. I. Packers narrative of Gods mission in the world provides illumination for this. Packer declared that the mission of God is nothing less than the redemption and re-creation of the entire fallen created order.

Copied from go take the lead, by Georgie Lee
Stefan Vecsey

Published by befree@heart

Der Satz „Lebe deinen Traum“ ist alter Kaffee. Wir müssen Menschen befähigen und trotz allen Rückschlägen und Enttäuschungen dran zu bleiben, aufzustehen und den Mut auch beim 7. Anlauf nicht zu verlieren. Never give up!